My story

The first step was with my wise grandfather (El Hakem), who gave me a book as a gift. I was under 10 years old. This book was old with yellow pages. I did not imagine that it would be the starting moment leading me to my art research years. My tools in this journey that I ensured to have were rhythmic words, lovely voice, metaphorical description, attractive color and beautiful image.

I started with paper and colors to draw my first picture as a limited skills child. Later, I sang Sayed Darwish compositions in school coral. I played some characters in school theater. 

From the Dean of Arabic Literature, Taha Hussein house, which is a museum now, I wrote my first attempts of poetry and prose under name "Ramtan" till I met the late uncle, Mr. Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi. He was not just a poet to me but my guide in my way for writing my four poems collections that appeared through the help of Mr. Fouad Haddad, Fagomi, Salah Jahin and Salah Abdul Sabour to win the second place all over Egypt in Youth Week of Asyut University.

From University Theater, students union, training in Ahram institution, higher institute for theatrical arts I became graphic and animated movies designer. I did my best to come close to artists’ world to be one day film director who searching for ideas that no one ever thought trying to achieve. 

At the beginning of new millennium, I was a student to Mr. Khaled Galalin El-Rihani Theater as I played a novel authored by remarkable Lenen El-Ramlyas I started with novel titled “Do you like to see a misery...Of course not”.

During fifteen years I got friendship with poets, composers, artists, directors and producers. I worked as fourth director-assistant; then third director-assistant; then accessories designer; then movements designer to be at last first director-assistant with greatest directors in 13 long movies between Egypt and United States of America.

Finally, I met my light that guides me through the way. This light is three dimensions movies that started in 1946 and no Arab person used up to 2016. The best place for learning this industry is New York Film Academy to be later the first Arab director who made three dimensions movies certified by my professors, Google, Wikipedia and IMDB.