Get the insight into my skills and talents

My first favorite is cinema screen. It is the art that I do not think it is the seventh art any time but for me it is the first art and all possible arts.  The best thing to be movies creator is that you can be all people in the same moment. You can be the killer and the victim, ruler and ruled person, lover and loved…All you make is simply you.

I thought from my childhood about my character in future; what will be my profession. Sometimes I thought I will be a doctor or pilot. Many times I found myself a sailor and little times a teacher. I wished to be famous singer. At last I found myself all those persons and others. I shall be cinema director to be able to make scenarios of all those people lives.

As usual, I did not dream something and left it but everything I dreamed before comes to be true. My way was long and difficult, a way full of clouds, rocks, snakes, more and more of stumbling and falls. Honestly, I can confirm that I killed intentionally more than one time. People who frustrated me were more than who helped me. People who hated me were more than who supported me. The cruelty and irony are the fuels that I used for success. Therefore, I thank strongly sup human species whom I met and damn any words I heard from them.