The secret in my personality as some people said about me that I always search uniqueness and precedence. I search ideas that nobody though before to do. I search unrepeated and unfamiliar matters to have the ground work. This is the privilege I see in people’s eyes.

There are many imitators who see in my personality an example for others. They try to imitate all my actions. I sought in my journey a lot of my example. Sometimes these copies are in form, thoughts or actions. All of them from my point of view are only good people admire me personally through imitating me.


Standing bet was always my ability to bear falls. My lovers are still feels pain for my loss and surprised when they saw me going to leave fast in new journey towards my dream will all my powers.

I am stranger in strange countries along my life. I travel all the time in a way that made me feeling permanent sense of alienation all time and place. I compensate myself with success, well-connections and achievements that no one made before.

My journey is towards gold statue. I do my best and exerts. I feel fatigue but insist, try and destroy all difficulties to reach this gold statue that called “Oscar”. Could I reach my dream to be the first Arab person who wins the best international prize in cinema industry? After achieving this goal, could I continue in this industry to win Noble in peace or complete my life as traveler who tours the world and try to hide himself away from people’s eyes after fame?

I am the person who proud when people describing him “crazy”. I try one day to catch it to be great person in people’s eyes and history if my life allows me to do so.

I try to make a change enabling may name to continue as long as it can. History remembers genius and crazy people only. I wish to be remembered by history and to be the craziest genius found one day.